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Team Create You Arts

We've successfully recruited our first trustees! We were overwhelmed by the skills, experience and commitment shown by Sally, Leah and Jen. You'll hear more about them very soon!

Our first trustee meeting was held in Doncaster and was fuelled by cake (lemon drizzle, rocky road and a vegan carrot cake - delicious!). We discussed our mission, why we're all here and the story so far. We also reflected on different ways we could work and what our next steps need to be. We have a lot of policies to write! Very soon we want to be reaching out to people with lived experience of adoption to understand the every day challenges, questions and needs they have. It's really exciting.

Sian and I are going into this knowing we don't have all the answers but we know that our fabulous team of trustees will help steer us along the way!

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