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Kicking off...

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

So you might have heard we have launched our first major project, it's super exciting!

We are going to be publishing a children's book which tells the story of forever families (that's families who, like ours, have come together through adoption, special guardianships, blended families and many other ways of giving a child permenance)

The book will build on the concept of 'collecting the diamonds', which I explored in my TEDx Doncaster talk. It's a way of building connection with your loved ones by treasuring special everyday moments. Sales of the book will directly fund our therapeutic work to help families who need it most.

But! we can't make this happen without support. So we have been working all hours (because who needs sleep right?) applying for grants and fundraising to begin our research and development phase ahead of our initial print run. We have launched a Kickstarter campaign which you can find below. It explains everything about the book and also has a hastily recorded video of the two of us trying to get our message accross.

WE ARE ALMOST HALFWAY THERE!! and we are so grateful to our backers so far. It means so much to us

We have never published a book before and have had some incredible support from our trustees, artists, publishers and lots of friends of the charity. Right now we have a storyboard of ideas, sketches and a rough narrative.

We will keep you posted with updates as they come. Please share our campaign and pledge if you haven't already.

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