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It's Official!!!!

Create You Arts is officially a registered charity. This is big!


Getting charitable status for or organisation means that we have satisfied the Charity Commission that Create You Arts is established for charitable purpose for public benefit. In short we now meet the legal requirements to be officially recognised as a charity. Wow, it has taken almost 10 months of hard work to get us to this point and we couldn't be happier to be recognised in this way.

Thank you everyone for supporting us to get this far. When we got the news yesterday the first thing Sian said to me was "That's great, now lets get moving!"

So our charitable purpose will be to carry out creative activities for children in care, adopted children and care leavers to build attachment with their care givers. To help them fulfil their potential by exploring their sense of self, identity, family attachment and aspirations using the visual and performing arts. We want to equip families with the tools to be able to have therapeutic identity-based conversations and give families a narrative by which to talk about how they came together. This project will improve emotional wellbeing, self-esteem and help to develop life-long resilience in these families.

So what does this mean for us? It means we are able to apply for a much wider range of funding such as Children In Need. We are accountable to our three amazing trustees to deliver on our mission to enrich lives, improve life chances and support young people and families to thrive through the arts. We have our first trustee meeting of the year next week and we will be updating them on the progress of our core projects.

Speak soon everyone!

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