Sian is an arts marketing and communications specialist, experienced in delivering strategic senior leadership on areas of profile, partnership, digital, tourism and audience development within cultural and charity contexts. Sian is cultural services manager at Mansfield District Council. She lives in Nottingham with her husband, and son.




Siobhan is an experienced analyst and solutions developer. They are skilled in data strategy, analysis, performance measurement and impact evaluation.  They have a background in a variety of industries most recently in the not for profit sector. Most recently Siobhan is studying for a masters degree in Social Work. Siobhan is an adoptive parent and lives in Nottingham with their husband and two children.

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“Identity is so important for adopted and looked-after children. Being able to say who we are and feel settled with a sense of self worth. Letting who you are come out through the creative process and discovering how to make sense of trauma, loss, confusion and grief. It’s important that families have the creative language in order to build connection and love”

Siobhan Rhodes, Director

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“There are many missed opportunities to enable looked-after, adopted children and families to thrive.  We’ve been incredibly lucky in our lives but I don’t want the life chances of children to be based on luck any more. We all have a duty to give children an opportunity to reach their full potential.”

Sian Booth, Director