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A story about adoption and forever families

We wanted to write this book to represent a real modern day adoption story. We hope that this book is enjoyed by all sorts of families so that the unique experience of adoption and fostering can be more widely understood.

This family is experiencing typical challenges associated with children who have experienced trauma. What children like Nua need are caregivers who can offer compassion, patience and love to restore a child's faith in adults.

We hope this book will inspire positive ways to build connection, stay present and build attachment with your kids.

This book introduces the concept of collecting the diamonds. Diamond moments with your kids can be anything, big or small, where you share love.

It could be a look, a smile, a squeeze of the hand or a moment in time. Collect those moments and stick them in a diamond reserve because parenting can be hard – birth parenting, adoptive parenting and any other parenting in between.

We think, a diamond reserve can help you stay present with your kids when things are difficult. We hope that when you share this book together, you’re creating one of your many diamond moments. Can you spot all the diamonds in this book?

Thanks to The Mighty Creatives, all our kickstarter backers, Lewis Foulstone for bringing our story to life, Stacey Moon-Tracy who helped us with the words, Ryan Harston (Urban Conceptz) for his stunning animation, our trustees, our supportive husbands Tom and Wayne, our family and children who
inspire us every day.

Collecting the Diamonds: About Us
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